The Desert Landing

Finally, after several hours of rowing, you see land. By this time you tired, and anything would be better than spending another minute on this boat. So, you decide to try to take the boat onto the shore. From the boat, you notice that there are a few rocks showing themselves just above the waves near the shore. However, you judge that it is nothing that would pose any real danger to you. So you start rowing onto the shore. However, as you get nearer to the shore, you realize that there you over estimated you ability to steer around the rocks. All of a sudden, a current catches the boat, and it is tossed onto the rocks. Seeing the inevitable, you jump out to avoid facing the same fate as the boat. You then frantically swim towards the beach. Finally, after what seems like an eternity, you manage to get to the beach.

Once on dry land, you collapse out of sheer exhaustion. When you wake up, you feel much better. You then start to look around. You soon see that the waves had been far kinder to you than to you boat. You see that the rocks had taken the boat, and turned it into splinters. You also notice a what appears to some mountains on the horizon. In the opposite direction though there appears just to be a vast desert. Now you are faced with one of two options.

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