G-L Quotes

Gauss, Carl Friedrich (1777-1855)

Hadas, Moses  (1900-1966) 

Kleinhenz, Robert J. (date is when I first saw it)

Before Jan. 1999:
When asked what it was like to set about proving something, the mathematician likened proving a theorem to seeing the peak of a mountain and trying to climb to the top. One establishes a base camp and begins scaling the mountain's sheer face, encountering obstacles at every turn, often retracing one's steps and struggling every foot of the journey. Finally when the top is reached, one stands examining the peak, taking in the view of the surrounding country side and then noting the automobile road up the other side!

LaGrange, Joseph-Louis (date is when I first saw it)

Oct. 29, 1999
When we ask advice, we are usually looking for an accomplice.

Lincoln, Abraham (1809-1865)

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