M-T Quotes

Mizner, Wilson  (1876-1933)

Pascal, Blaise (1623-1662)
Pensees. 1670.

Polyá, George (1887-1985)
In H. Eves Return to Mathematical Circles, Boston: Prindle, Weber and Schmidt,

Roosevelt, Theadore

Rossi, Hugo 
Mathematics Is an Edifice, Not a Toolbox, Notices of the AMS, v. 43, no. 10,
October 1996.

Taropin, Luba 
July 16, 2003:
Now that you have used the broken phone you understand communism. It is broken but it is free. 
(The reference is to a pay phone in Camp Stieky (near Minsk) in Belarus which was broken in such a way that it allowed free phone calls)

Mother Theresa

Tierney, Katherine (Kate) Elizabeth 
May 14, 1998:
Yeah, well I can do over 300 things with a Greek verb!

Twain, Mark 

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